Montage is a software program.  What does Montage do?  It is a digital collection of the documents and photographs of physical objects that are housed at the Chambers County Historical Museum in Anahuac, the Chambers County Museum at Wallisville Heritage Park, the Barbers Hill Museum, and the archival collections of the Chambers County Library System.

You may access Montage from the Chambers County Library System website at There are two ways to connect with Montage. To go directly to the software, after you get to the page, click on "Collections," then the drop down box for "Local History." Scroll down to "Digital Collections" which is the link to Montage. If you want to look up a specific subject, like General Thomas Jefferson Chambers, you can use the regular library software search box and put in his name.  You will get books in the library system collection that are about Chambers, but you will also see electronic links to the Montage items.

The Museum at Anahuac materials include items in the Museum itself as well as furnishings and items at Chambersea, (the home of General Thomas Jefferson Chambers), and the furnishings and items housed in the  Dr. Schilling Medical Office.  These three buildings are located on Cummings Street in Anahuac.  Oral history interviews with county residents are also included in this collection.

The Barbers Hill Museum collection currently contains items that are available for viewing at the Sam and Carmena Goss Branch Library in Mont Belvieu.

The archives at the Chambers County Library System include family history files and local history files.  Some of the family history files are duplicated at the museums at Wallisville and Anahuac, so searching the family name will pull up those items.

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