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  Chambers County Historical Commission

   Our Mission - To Collect, Organize, and Preserve the fascinating history of Chambers County 

The Board Members of the Chambers County Historical Commission are appointed by Commissioners' Court. The Board is a working board, but is advisory as well, under the direct administration of the Chambers County Library System.  Board terms are unspecified by the County.


                                                                   Sheryl Shaw                         Chair, CCHS


                                                                                                                   Museum Committee Chair

                                                                                                                   Monument Committee Chair

                                                                   Gilbert Speights                   Vice Chair

                                                                                                                   Oral History Committee Chair

                                                                                                                   History Preservation Committee Chair

                                                                   Kenneth Standley                Treasurer


                                                                   Cemetery Committee 

                                                                   Kathy Franssen                    Assistant Treasurer

                                                                   Bobby Scherer                      Historian

                                                                   Darla Willcox                         Publicity

                                                                   Bill Purser                             Historical/Protected Properties Committee Chair

                                                                   John Britt                               Marker Committee Chair

                                                                   Ed Hillyer                              Chaplain

                                                                   Nell Northcutt Purser

                                                                   Jackie Payne

                                                                   Donna Britt

                                                                   Cathy Duhon

                                                                   Jan Hasson


       Jimmy Sylvia, Chambers County Judge

Chambers County Commissioners:

Larry George

Rusty Senac

Gary Nelson 

Jimmy Gore

                                   Valerie Jensen, County Librarian

                      Nikki Whittington, County Treasurer

Jim Sterling - Jean Epperson - Eddie Gray


Yvonne Morgan - Gene Morgan 




The name of this organization shall be the Chambers County Historical Commission in accordance with Article 6145.1 of Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes.


     Section 1. The purpose of the Chambers County Historical Commission (hereafter called the "CCHC”) shall be to preserve, protect, and promote history within the County and to that end shall (a) conduct continuing programs of historical marker recommendations and placements in accordance with the State Historical Commission requirements; (b) make recommendations to the Chambers County Commissioners Court for property acquisition, real or personal, which is of historical significance; (c) accept, whenever feasible, artifacts and other museum paraphernalia in the name of Chambers County Historical Commission or the County Commissioners Court and (d) support, whenever possible, the programs of the Texas Historical Commission.


     Section 2. It shall be the policy of the CCHC that historical markers placed on private property be paid for, whenever feasible, by the property owners but through the CCHC.


     Section 1. Eligibility. Residents of Chambers County as appointed

by the Chambers County Commissioners Court under provisions of Article 6145.1 of Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes, shall be members. The CCHC is expected to make recommendations for membership by November of even numbered years to the Chambers County Commissioners Court.


     Section 2. Term. Members shall be appointed for two year terms beginning On January 1 of odd numbered years. Interim appointments serve only until the next regular appointment date. Unless otherwise specified, all members are voting members. If any member is absent three consecutive regular meetings without notifying the CCHC secretary in advance, the removal of that member from the CCHC will be recommended to the Chambers County Commissioners Court.

     Section 3. Texas Historical Foundation. In that the Texas Historical Foundation is a supportive organization to the Texas Historical Commission, it is recommended that every member of the CCHC become a member of the Foundation.

     Section 4. Resignation. Resignation from the CCHC shall be effective after the letter of resignation has been read into the official minutes by either the Chairman or the Secretary, and accepted by the Chambers County Commissioners Court.

     Section 5. Ex-officio Members. Ex-officio, non-voting members shall include the Chambers County Commissioners Court, the sponsors of Junior Historian Groups, the Presidents of area Historical Societies and representatives of related organizations. In addition to the above, any person who has performed outstanding accomplishments in historical activities for Chambers County shall be eligible for appointment by the Chairman of the Chambers County Historical Commission as an ex-officio member.


     Section l. Enumeration, election and term. The officers of the CCHC shall be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall be elected from the voting members by a majority vote of those present at the first meeting after the biennial appointment of membership is made by the Chambers County Commissioners Court. A duly appointed member may be elected to office without their presence at this meeting. All terms of office shall be for two years or until the next regular appointments are made to CCHC by the Chambers County Commissioners Court


     Section 2. Chairman. The Chairman shall be the Executive officer for the CCHC. His/her responsibility shall be to call the regular meetings and to preside at those meetings; appoint standing and special committees and Chairmen; report annually to the Chambers County Commissioners Court on the activity and progress of the CCHC and to serve on or designate a representative for any boards, commissions, or committees as requested and deemed appropriate by CCHC. The Chairman shall be a member of all Committees. He shall have the usual powers of supervision and management as may pertain to the office and shall perform such other duties as designated the CCHC members.

     Section 3. Vice-Chairman. The Vice-Chairman shall preside at the meetings in the absence of the Chairman. He shall possess all the duties and responsibilities of the Chairman in the event of prolonged illness in which the normal activity of the CCFC would be curtailed or in the event of the resignation or death of the Chairman.

     Section 4. Secretary. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings; arrange for the meetings and notify members; attend to ail necessary correspondence and reports; co-sign with the Chairman any contracts or instruments designated by the CCHC; and perform such other duties normally pertaining to the office. This position may be combined with that of the Treasurer.

     Section 5. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall receive any monies given to or earned by the CCHC; shall act as custodian for these monies and deposit them in the CCHC bank account; present accurate accounting of the funds at regular meetings; disburse funds upon approval of the CCHC; and perform such other duties as normally pertain to the office. This position may be combined with that of the Secretary.


     Section 6. Resignation and Vacancy. An officer may resign the office while not necessarily resigning membership on CCHC by submitting a letter to the CCHC which shall be read into the official minutes. Vacancies occurring in any office other than the Chairman shall be filled for the remainder of the term as the CCHC sees fit, either by authorizing the Chairman to appoint or by electing a substitute at the regular meeting following the resignation.


     Section l. Fiscal Term. The fiscal term for the CCHC shall coincide with that of the Chambers County Commissioners Court.

     Section 2. Budget. The proposed budget for the ensuing year shall be prepared by the Finance and Budget Committee and presented in writing to the general meeting prior to the June meeting of the CCHC.

     Section 3. Receipt of Gifts. The CCHC shall be authorized to accept gifts of money and other property from any source for use in the furtherance of its lawful purposes.


Section 1. Regular Meetings. There shall be a minimum of six regular meetings annually for the general membership as specified by the Texas Historical Commission. The date, time, and place shall be determined according to the wishes of the Chairman and/or the CCHC. Notification shall be by mail and/or telephone, whichever is expedient.

     Section 2. Quorum. A quorum shall be required for the transaction of business at any meeting. A quorum shall consist of the members present.

     Section 3. Parliamentary Procedure. Parliamentary procedure will be according to Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

     Section 4. Special Meetings. The Chairman may call special meetings as necessary to conduct business between regular meetings.


     Section l. Chairmen. The Chairman of the CCHC shall appoint a chairman for each of the standing committees as needed. The Chairman for the Committees shall serve the same two year terms as the officers. These chairmen may recruit additional committee members from the general membership, with the consent of the Chairman of the County Commission.

     Section 2. Standing Committees. In accordance with the recommendations of the Texas Historical Commission these five (5) committees shall be constant and ongoing. Any of these committees may be combined if considered desirable by the Chairman of the CCHC.

     (1) Historical Preservation - acquisition, preservation, storage, and display of historical papers, records and documents; establishing, improving, enlarging and/or supporting an historical museum; writing or updating county history and reprinting scarce historical material and publications.

     (2) Historical Markers - study, survey and review subjects and sites for possible marking; prepare and submit appropriate applications; update marker lists; secure locations and obtain permission for erecting markers.

     (3) History appreciation - conduct Texas and County appreciation through appropriate activities, programs or announcements; publicize Commission work; cooperate with history and visitor-related committees; sponsor tours, dedications, commemorations and observances.

     (4) Finance and Budget - prepare budget for adoption at Annual Meeting and present proposed budget to the Commissioners Court; raise private funds to supplement that which is allocated by the Commissioners Court as is necessary; monitor Treasurer's records as requested by the CCHC.

     (5) Advisory - provide advice and direction on citizen interests; serve as liaison resource between CCHC and other individuals and/or organizations seeking advice, assistance, support, or sponsorship for observances, projects, etc. The Advisory Chairman shall keep the Commission advised on availability of State or Federal Funds for restoration work and report to the Commission at regular meetings.

Section 3. Special Committees. The Chairman of CCHC may appoint a Chairman and members of special committees which will serve to accomplish a specific goal or project. The Committee will be terminated at the completion of the goal or project unless otherwise directed by the Chairman of CCHC.


These bylaws may be amended by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the qualified members present and voting at a regular meeting, provided the amendments shall be submitted in writing to the general membership two weeks prior to the meeting.

Adopted by the membership of the Chambers County Historical Commission.

     June 14, 1977

Villa Mae Williams, Chairman

Norma Rowland,

                    Chambers County Library System Administrative Offices
                          409-267-2550                     vjensen@chamberstx.gov